$2.00 for each item/page copied as is (includes postage).
$3.00 for each item/page copied with full citation.

“As is” means exactly as found in the scrapbook.  Many news items do not include the name of the newspaper or date of publication.  If the researcher requires the full citation, then we may need to look it up on microfilm.  Since additional time would be required, the fee for a news item with full citation is $3.00

Send your request via postal mail to: OCHS, P.O. Box 361, Lyndon, KS. 66451 Or email us at: researchosagechs@embarqmail.com

Postal mail requests may include payment. We will advise email requests of total amount required. Copies will be mailed upon receipt of payment.  Please include the name, book number and page number with your request.

Because obit records are straightforward, they may be ordered via postal mail with payment included in advance. For email requests, we will advise as to the number of pages and the total costs. Copies will be mailed upon receipt of payment.

This index includes over 45,000 names gathered by many volunteers over a thirty-year period.  The obituaries have been compiled into more than thirty notebooks.  Because there were many volunteers, there are some duplications.  There are instances, however, of obits being different because they were derived from different sources.  Copies of duplicates will not be sent.

When compiling the index, the following criteria were observed:

  1. Some obits were only news items, but they may have been the only notice of death.
  2. The index includes only the name of the deceased.  It does not include the names of survivors.
  3. Every known name that a person used was recorded as a separate record.  For example, a married woman would be listed by her maiden name (with no title) and her married name (with the title Mrs.)
  4. If a woman married a second or more times, she would be listed with each known surname.
  5. Married women are listed by their own first name if it is known.  If not known, they are listed as Mrs. (husband’s first name and surname.)
  6. Maiden ladies and young women are listed with the title Miss if that fact could be discerned.








Please notice the tabs at the bottom of the page when you open this file.  The last names are broken down into 5 separate pages and can be quickly accessed by clicking the appropriate tab at the bottom of the page.