Burlingame was established in 1858 from the old Council City settlement.  Much has been told over the years about Burlingame, but not many old photos exist.  Here are a few that may be of interest.


The first railroad bridge over Switzler Creek.  At this point, the road into town went over the tracks.  This view is looking West-Southwest.  Downtown is located through the trees after you cross the tracks.  The first crossing over the creek (then known as “Bridge Creek”) was built by John Switzler back in 1827 when the Santa Fe trail first went into operation.


This view is looking east and is the first replacement for the original railroad bridge.  At this point the crossing was changed to go under the bridge.  This is about 1900.

This is a view looking east from the hill at the west end of town.  You’ll see the original Osage County courthouse on the right (where Martin Bates was hung).  Notice the wooden sidewalk leading up the hill towards the old Burlingame High School.  The kids must have been in good shape back in those days walking to school !!

The old “Lincoln” Burlingame High School at the top of the hill on the west edge of town.  After this was tore down, the Schuyler school was put into use.

Most people are familiar with this photo, but this one is a little different.  Notice the higher definition and additional buildings on the north.  This photo also shows most of the structures on the south.  The 3-story building on the left (north side of the street) is the old theater.

ATSFT depot at Burlingame with the old Co-Op across the tracks.

ATSF livestock training heading west out of Burlingame on the Alma branch line.

Havana Station in better days.