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Please include name of groom, bride, and date of affidavit with your request. 

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Postal mail requests may include payment. We will advise email requests of total amount required. Copies will be mailed upon receipt of payment.

This index is abstracted from the original marriage license applications and is dated from September of 1889 thru December of 2002.  It includes nearly 13,000 records.  There are some records missing.

These are not the actual marriage licenses; they are applications to obtain a marriage license.

Generally the records contain the names and ages of the groom and bride as well as the application date.  (The marriage date may differ from the application date.)  Other information can include place of residence, names of parents, maiden name (if bride has been previously married), and (in much later years) birthdates.   When either the groom or bride has not reached the age of majority, consent of one or both parents is included with the document.

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